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The AustSTEM Foundation created the Kookaberry to tackle some of the challenges primary teachers face and to help them teach the new Technologies curriculum with confidence. ...

RDA Hunter’s Smart Workforce STEM Conference on Friday 12 May 2017 will bring together representatives from secondary and tertiary education institutions, industry and key players in the STEM fields. It aims to build stronger partnerships between STEM employers and education institutions in order to improve...

Inspiring Australia is offering community groups of all kinds support of up to $20,000 towards Maker Projects. Stream B of the Maker Projects grants covers events and education activities delivered in the community that promote young people’s participation in the STEM disciplines. The intention of this funding...

Australian school students are falling behind in global STEM rankings, despite numerous initiatives to drive participation. Maybe we need to take a step back and look at why STEM education is important, and it’s not just about jobs. In the first of this series, The...

Diversity provides significant benefits to business and to humanity as a whole, but is noticeably lacking in Australian STEM organisations. The Warren Centre's COO Alex Harrington reflects on the benefits and challenges associated with enhancing diversity. This article is edited from Alex's speech at Norman...

Many factors are at play when examining the difficulties associated with improving levels of gender equality in STEM fields. Workplace culture and opportunities are certainly important components, but they do not explain discrepancy in interest at an early age. An interesting piece in The Economist considers how...

Following Australia’s disappointing international maths and sciences ranking results last December, the NSW school curriculum is being updated. The changes by the NSW Government - the first in 18 years - are designed to emphasise rigorous mathematics, more statistical analysis and algorithm development. The aim is to change...

Demand for ICT skilled workers is expect to increase by approximately 70,000 workers by 2020, but there has been a decline in the number of enrolments in vocational ICT training - both in NSW high schools and TAFEs....

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